Chain Link Bin

One day I bit off more than I could chew…collected more bags of leaves than my bins could handle…not all of the bags in that picture, but a bunch of them.  Somehow I came up with the idea to use chain link fence gates for sides.

WhatsWrongWithThisPicture ChainLinkFenceGateCompostBin

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2 Responses to “Chain Link Bin”

  1. Dave

    That is a very nice looking leaf storage unit. On a windy day they might blow out though. If you have some bird netting you might want to tie than over the top.
    I don’t store extra leaves because even in the summer people put leaves out for the trash/compost.

  2. admin

    Hi Dave. Thank you for liking the bin (it’s a large compost bin, 6′ x 6′ x 3′, not a storage unit…one of those would be covered to keep the contents dry and inert).

    Wind does not blow material through…during loading small particles pass through…but it’s really minimal and inconsequential. Same goes for the top…there is no need for bird netting, except if a tornado came through, in which case I’d have bigger worries.

    I can understand your not wanting such a large bin…it really is too large for a residence. I’ve been thinking of donating to a community compost program. Regardless, my goal is to compost as much as possible, much more than the average home composter.

    Again, thank you for your reply.



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