The conventional definition of “compost” indicates that the parent materials are no longer discernible.  In the PilePro method, that definition applies to some, but not all of the finished product.  Some of the indescernible material (that which passes through the 1/4″ sifter) gets mixed 50-50 with local soil in order to make a potting mix for young plants.  The rest, however, is spread on the ground as mulch.  For this application, why must the product be so broken down?  In fact, the coarser materials, still somewhat discernible, make a lot more sense as a top mulch.

The PilePro method calls for sifting to three grades, 1/4″ (only for a potting mix), 1/2″, and 1″.  First the 1/2″ product is spread, then it is followed by the 1″ product in most areas.  Formal areas get only the 1/2″ product.