Large Dustpan – For moving material from the gound and pour it into the sifter.  Steel model available from Harbor Freight, aluminum model available from HD or Lowes.


Hand Fork – For declumping 1) after materials are deposited into a small batch bin and 2) when the small batch bin is ready to be turned or harvested.  I like this oversize model…not sure where to buy it…got mine from a deep discount retailer…Tuesday Morning, I think.


Grading Rake – For declumping 1) after materials are deposited into a large batch bin and 2) when taking materials from the large batch bin for small batch bin processing.  I like the smaller version.


Leaf Rake – 1) For gathering rough materials to be processed and 2) for scrape harvesting from a large batch pile.


Watering Can – In lieu of ideal watering, an efficient means of watering a SBP.


Hose Nozzle – Best one for watering a compost pile is the shower-head type.  Next best is the squeeze type; adjust water flow to produce a gently spray.


Tarp – Lay beneath the sifter when sifting and adjacent to a SBP prior to decimation.  A heavy duty model is worth the extra cost.